Guidelines on Avoiding EMF Exposure

It is important to note that, electromagnetic fields are produced, by almost all electric appliances.However, most people are unaware of the dangers posed by too much exposure to these fields.Effects such as inflammation, and neurological dysfunction may arise due to the exposure.Therefore, it is important for you to minimize your level of exposition to electromagnetic fields.You can follow the tips below, in order for you to minimize EMF exposure.

Always, you should avoid using electrical appliances, and electronic devices that produce electromagnetic fields.These gadgets may be cell phones, routers, circuit breakers, radios, etc.If you must use these gadgets, then you should consider doing it for the shortest time possible.This will reduce the levels of exposure, hence you will be safer from the possible effects.You should also avoid living close to radio transmitters, and radio receivers.Wave amplification taking place in these transmitters, and receivers, leads to production of high frequency electromagnetic fields.If you stay close to these transmitters, and boosters, you will be exposed to very strong EMF which in return may cause conditions like leukemia, seizures, and others.

Since it will be very difficult for you to avoid all electric appliances, you must try and minimize your exposure as much as possible.This can be achieved by ensuring the electronic devices are either on airplane mode, or they are switched off.In case, you want to create an internet connection, you always use wired cables, and try to avoid wireless connections like Wi-Fi.Whenever you must use wireless internet connections, you should turn it on when you want to use it, and turn off immediately you are done.Wi-Fi routers must be switched off at night for minimal exposure to EMFs.You are advised to use hard-wire connections through computer peripherals to create computer networks, and avoid wireless connections at all costs.When you ensure that wiring, and electrical connections are properly done, you reduce the risk of production of strong EMF which can affect you.

Before you sleep, ensure the circuit breakers and sockets are switched off, or you move away from them.When using your electronic device, wear protective gear that can shield you against the strong EMF.You can ensure your electricity is cleaned, by the use of dirty filters.Also, it is necessary to minimize the use of such devices, as much as you can.There exist other mitigation tips like eating a balanced diet, that is rich in antioxidants, which will help in the reduction of the effects due to oxidation due to EMF exposure.You can also practice grounding, which enables our bodies in neutralizing positive ions from electric appliances.By staying close to moving water, you will be exposed to negative ions, which will neutralize the positive ions that you had been previously exposed to.

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